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A-Series VS E-Series

a series vs e series

Andersen Windows: A-Series VS E-Series


As proud partners of Andersen windows, we want to keep consumers informed on their latest and greatest. Since windows is our specialty and we love being certified contractors of Andersen, we wanted to begin with the A vs E series debate. A-Series and E-Series are in the same luxury line of windows, but they are vastly different.


A-Series are wood windows with a fiberglass and Fibrex composite (vinyl and wood shavings) exterior. E-Series are also wood windows but with an extruded aluminum exterior. Although wood is a higher end material, it is also susceptible to wood rot and warping. To prevent this from happening, cladding is coated to prevent deterioration. The benefits of a fiberglass window is the strength of it and a Fibrex window is more flexible so combining the two allows for a window for any need. The extruded aluminum window is known for its energy efficiency and strength to weight ratio. Aluminum creates a strong window at a light weight and provides for an efficient thermal conductor. Energy Star ranks windows in both these series as some of the most energy efficient windows in the nation.


A-Series and E-Series have similar standard sizes for double-hung windows. A’s standard is up to 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. E’s standard is up to 4 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. Both are customizable at ⅛ inch up to the standard sizes listed.


Both series offer the following window styles: double-hung, awning, casement, and picture windows. A-Series offers 35 specialty shapes of windows in addition to those priory listed. E-Series on the other hand offers the following in addition to the styles it shares with A: push-out awning, French casement, push-out casement, gliding, and bay and bow windows. E-Series also offers 25 specialty shapes.

Accessories and Details:

Andersen offers the same packages for different glass in both Series of windows. Also, their grid, also known as grille, options are the same for both series. They can be installed on the inside and outside with a spacer in between, just the inside and outside, just the interior, or just between the glass. Both have different colors offered for interior and exterior however the options for E-series are far more vast. Both series offer interior wood options as well. The E-series has more variety in its options for wood as well.


Both Series have owner-2-owner limited warranty.

In the end both Series are great options to choose from, but hopefully this blog post helped break down some of the differences to assist you on your journey of choosing the series that is right for you.

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