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The History of Siding (19th Century-Present)

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Innovation has constantly been assisting society in creating more convenient, quicker, and cheaper ways to do things. This includes the methods of siding a home and the types of siding utilized on a home. While the industry has still not found a hail resistant siding, there have definitely been some impactful discoveries over the years. Throughout history, people are known to use what is most readily available to them and cheapest. With today’s technology certain types of siding, like LP SmartSide, Vinyl, James Hardie, and Everlast, are able to withstand most weather conditions.


19th Century



Stone was easily available and most preferred due to its durability. However, it was still more expensive than wood siding.  Wood was the most used choice solely because trees were readily available at any given moment, making construction easy. Bricks could easily be made with clay and kiln making brick another durable siding option. Building home during this time period was no easy task however. Lots of additional labor went into perfecting the foundation and structure due to the lack of technology or more convenient laying/hanging methods that would be invented later on.


20th Century



Three types of siding made a “boom” during the 1900’s: vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement. Aluminum came to the scene in 1947 by Jerome Kaufman. During the war, he had discovered that paint bonds with aluminum, leading him to create the first “baked-on” color siding. While Vinyl was created in the 30’s, its popularity didn’t begin until the 70’s. Even though aluminum provided the same protection as vinyl, vinyl would be less susceptible to dents or rust. During the mid 80’s, James Hardie Inc., based out of Australia, developed fiber-cement siding that had the appearance of wood and had long-term durability effects. This was a huge discovery as it led to more fiber-cement board production.


21st Century



Today’s siding materials have come a long way since the 18th century. A New Look provides only the best materials for homes including LP SmartSide, James Hardie, and Vinyl. LP SmartSide is an engineered hardwood, made to last up to 50 years. As a composite siding LP SmartSide is pricier but has a beautiful wood-like texture. It has a wide variety of color options and credited durability making it a great choice for any home. James Hardie manufactures a composite siding, created from a fiber cement that consists of wood pulp, cellulose fibers, and other cement components. Vinyl siding is a low maintenance choice for siding, while also being low-cost. Vinyl has an array of colors, textures, and styles, including horizontal or vertical panels and shingle/shake styles.


(Information provided by A New Look’s website, PJ Fitzpatrick, and Turnbull Masonry.)

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