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The Importance of Storm Inspections

Did you know that most home insurance policies require you to file a damage claim within a year of it occurring?


Let’s say Rob has a $1,000 deductible for his home insurance. There was a derecho in his area about two years ago. There was only one small section of shingles on his roof that got damaged, but he got the project bid anyway. It got bid at $1,100. Rob decided the project was not a high priority, but he planned to save up a bit and take care of it in a couple years. Now, he decides he’d like to get the roof fixed. He tried to process a claim with his insurance, but they did not accept it since the claim was old. He did not worry about it since the project budget was only $100 more than his deductible.

Unfortunately, as the small tear off began, the crew discovered that the way the shingles lifted from the wind caused moisture build up. Eventually, enough setting water allowed wood rot to form. The extent of the crew’s discovery does not stop there. Not only was there wood rot, on the roof, but the moisture has been seeping through the wood and into the attic for over a year. This has caused damage to interior aspects of the house too (other wood rot, ceiling and insulation damage, etc.) In order to repair all of the damage, the new cost of the project is $3,450. Rob did not save enough for this and sadly, it’s too late to run the project through insurance.

‘Tis the season folks. Storms are upon us. After a couple wild wind and hail storms this past year, we are sure you feel us when we say, “We just want a break.” And we are sure houses in the midwest feel the same. Despite having the most durable and long lasting products protecting your home, all houses are susceptible to storm damage. And the craziest part? Sometimes, you don’t even know that damage occurred.

It is vital to always stay on top of your house’s exterior upkeep. You can do so by receiving free storm inspections after large storms. Having a professional check out your roof, siding, windows, and gutters at least once a year is a good rule of thumb. This is because most insurances will only cover any storm damage up to a year after it occurs. If  you find out you have wind damage to your shingles, but the last big wind storm was 14 months ago, chances are, your insurance won’t be helping you out.

Sometimes, small hail hits or shingle gaps can reveal a much larger problem: wood rot. Wood rot is often masked and when it is discovered, it can be too late. Luckily, professionals know what they are looking for and are able to assist in finding any susceptible areas. This is why getting ahead by scheduling a storm inspection is so important.

At A New Look, we give free storm inspections and work closely with insurance adjusters to get all storm damage covered. We know that terminology and insurance policies can be confusing and complicated. We strive to relieve some of that stress and keep our client’s families safe by taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of. Click on the quote request button at the top of our page to schedule an inspection today!

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